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"Thomas, ... We had a good year last year, we are #1 in VXML voice portals and #5 in IVRs for our first year in that business. You had a lot to do with it. So thanks for all your help buddy." Director of Pre-Sales for the world leader in contact centre software.

"One way or another solving this convoluted problem without your help would be impossible or very difficult at the very best. I do appreciate that very much"
Lead Software Developer for a US-based, global leader in contact center technology solutions.

"Nice job of analysis using nothing but the assembly code."
Senior Application Engineer from Intel Corporation in the US commenting on deltafusion's resolution of a complex interaction between two billion dollar companies' software.

"It is a wonderful experience to work with one like you who does things with full heart."
Application Engineer from Intel Corporation in China commenting on deltafusion's approach to problem solving.

"Thomas, Thanks a lot for your efforts last night, especially at such short notice. ... Apart from fixing the issues you mention below, we both learned a lot about what's going on with the card and the app ... Depending on your availability, I'd like to get you back to do some work on cleaning the code base a bit; my aim is to get the app to a point where our internal developers don't really need to know or care about the details of telephony, just what business logic is required. Obviously this requires both a well factored architecture and access to external technical resources. ..."
Development Manager at an Australian company that is the leader of commercial gift cards commenting on a very fruitful troubleshooting and code-review session. This company later engaged deltafusion to re-write a portion of their application.

"Tom, Thanks for all the help on the book."
Co-founder of world-leading Microsoft Windows consulting company and author of several MS Press books, the most recent of which Thomas was asked to be a technical reviewer.

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