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Add telecommunications expertise to your team

Add over 20 years of real-world telephony experience to your team to keep them focussed on their core competencies while we handle the nuances and complexities of the telephony domain.

Telecommunications and computer telephony has its own special language, acronyms, protocols and standards that have evoled significantly over the past few decades. The world is moving away from traditional telephony to Voice over IP (VoIP), video, greater interoperability and cloud telephony. Ultimately this evolution is good for businesses and consumers by way of better services for lower cost. And, although there are significant cost savings for businesses to implement these new technologies, this migration is often not done because of the specialised knowledge required. This domain knowledge is deltafusion's strength.

You are in complete control

Retain as much or as little control of telephony projects as you would like: some clients prefer a completely hands-off approach with deltafusion handling all aspects of a telephony system's design, development, deployment and maintenance whereas others prefer to have deltafusion provide only guidance and training to their existing staff on how best to implement a solution.